Do you feel loved?

Humans need affirmation.  We need to feel and know that we are accepted. What’s more we need to know that we are loved. We need to know that we have intrinsic value! That we are worth being loved because of who we are. The problem is for our culture: where do we find that values system? Do we find value in science, maybe the medical field? Just how do I know that I have worth in our culture? Do my parents instill this in me from my childhood? What if I come from a broken home? Do I find out my usefulness in my career? Or the person I am married too? Because each one of these instances can fail. I can come from where there is abuse. what if my job is a dead end experience? what if I am divorced. There where do I find love and value?

Culture, the media, science and the medical field cannot answer those questions for you. But God can! How? Well, He is the loving Father who created us. That means He has a vested interest in our hearts and lives! Since He created us He knows that we have this emptiness in our hearts and lives that we try and fill with drugs, sex, other habits that will never satisfy! We have this massive hole that will not heal until we come to the one who created us and knows what will fill that vast emptiness.

People, family, friends may have failed you but God never has! He knows our needs even before they come to pass and is already providing assistance. We became sinners through disobedience starting at the Garden of Eden. But God from beginning provided a remedy for sin, His Son Jesus. The reason is because He knew how empty and rejected we would feel without Him. He knew this because He created us. We were made to have a relationship with him but sin has messed that up from the beginning. He wants us to know that we are not alone. He wants this world to hear that He loves you and I! How did He show this? Jesus Christ on the Cross, to restore us, to open up our hearts to experience this love first hand, not just in a book!

We all need to know that someone loves and cares for us. We all need to know that we can have someone who will listen to us when we are broken. We need to know that someone will look beyond our faults and see something special no one else can. That is Jesus Christ. He knows you and what you need because He was there when He brought you to life . . . and He offers you a new Eternal life where love abounds. You are loved by an everlasting Father as well! All you need to do is ask . . . He is there!


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