What is it?

What is it?

That is the question that has been raging since 1972 when Roe v Wade took the center stage at the Supreme Court. We have been arguing from a medical, psychological, moral, and religious point. What is that which is in the womb of a woman? Is it a blob as some have suggested? Is it something that science or the medical profession cannot identify? Just what is in the womb of a woman when she is considered pregnant?

We cannot consider it human because the Pro-choice movement cannot handle that description. If this “thing” grows to full term and is born what is it called? If this “unknown” has a beating heart, has eyes, legs, arms, fully developed in 8 or 9 weeks is it human? Does it look like another mammal that we can identify? Is this thing a parasite? Because some women feel threatened by its very existence. Is it like a cancer or some kind of bacterial infection that needs to be treated dramatically in the doctor’s office?

Why is it some women cry tears of joy when they hear the news of a baby on the way, while other women are filled with dread? Is it possible this is more than just an issue of a baby? Is it possible this question comes down to the issue of morality? Oops, I should not have said that! We have huge organizations, big corporations and Hollywood stars who speak out in defense of the mother’s right to choose. But who speaks for the unborn?

Why does the morality of our day teach to protect and care for animals and trees, but the unborn are considered persona non grata? Why do we hear these people say that there should be no form of capital punishment in our land, yet it takes place hundreds of times, every day, in abortion clinics around our country and they support this instead?

I am thankful for the courageous step that Alabama has taken to speak on behalf of the innocent! I am also thankful that we have an organization called Sav-a-life right here in Fort Payne that is serving the needs of our local women who have questions and concerns for their pregnancies! We need to continue to speak up and support the right to life in our local communities. We have been silent for too long!


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