The Golden Rule

I watched a video clip from Sky News this morning,( Sept 10, 19). It showed a gentleman walking in the crosswalk on a green light. He was nearly hit by a cyclist running a red light. The man complained to the cyclist. Who then turned around his 10 speed got off his bike and head butted the pedestrian causing him to receive stiches ( I do hope they catch this fellow and charge him with assault)!  I do not know about you but incidents like this just aggravates me to no end!  Whatever happened to the Golden Rule? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you? Whether you are a Christian, Muslim or an Atheist for that matter this is a good moral standard. Have we lost our moral compass as a country? I do not have to quote a great philosopher to get this point across. When a country like America begins to treat one another with a lack of care, compassion and respect, then know for a certainty that the end of that country is near!


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