Living Forever

When we are young, in our teenage years, we go through a stage where we feel like we are invincible: that we will live forever. Unfortunately we learn, sometimes the hard way that this is not reality. We catch the flu, get into an accident, we lose a loved one. And BOOM life tells us the real story here. Life pulls a fast one on us. We want to get older to enjoy the freedoms of adulthood. And then life spins and we have grey hairs, children and later grandchildren. Then a new door opens called memories where we recall our lives like they were a dream we flirted with. And then death becomes more ominous. Have you heard that old proverb: let us eat and drink for tomorrow we die!

Now that is the way we see life without Jesus. But I have good news for you! Jesus came to change that story. Yes we endure sickness, heartache, loneliness, that is part of the sinful condition that all mankind has to endure. But we have more than just this life! Jesus offers us life without end, life without sickness or having to say good-bye to loved ones. It is a life free from all of that! He paved the way for us by taking sin, doubt disappointment and replacing it with purpose, peace and a new passion. We re no longer bound by 70 years of dreams that never quite came true. But with the new hope that promises life like we have never seen it before. So what are you waiting for? Jesus said: ” I am come that you might have life, and have it more abundantly”

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