What will make America great again?

So in 2020 what is the real danger to our beloved country? Will it be a terrorist attack? Is it the possible end of the economic boost we are experiencing? Is it the problems in Washington with the Impeachment process? Or is it as many say removing the current President from office? Just what are we looking at as the problematic areas of our Society? Is it because we do not have a moral framework for our young people? Is it because of the lack of clarity in the lives of our people? Perhaps we have lost our spiritual ethic? These all may contribute to the problems we are facing . . . but I believe it is a spiritual one! Our problem is not because of the lack of knowledge or that we are converting to a totally evolutionary atheistic approach to life. No I believe the problem is more devastating than that!

It is like the proverbial toothache. We just hope if we ignore it, that it will eventually go away. But it doesn’t! We are trying to cover up the problem and replace it with things or people. We make our lives so busy that we do not have a moment to reflect on what is really taking place inside! Most Americans believe there is a God of some kind and form. BUT we want that Divine being to leave us alone so we can live our lives the way we want to! One man states it this way: “we want all the blessings of God that we can have while running away from Him as fast as we can” That is the problem. I, maybe naively so, believe that atheists, agnostics, secular humanists do know in their heart of hearts that there is a God but they do not want to acknowledge this God for fear that they may have to admit to other issues as well! So ignore it . . .

So what is going to start “the fix” with America? The simple realization that we need God back in our country. Our Grandparents believe this . . . but our parents dropped the ball. Whether this is on purpose or not, well that is another matter. But we need God back in our country. Because with God comes purpose, meaning, hope and a future that does not end here!  Why is it so hard to admit we need help?  America in order to become great again, we need God again!

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