Deception at its finest

Someone brought forth the question to a group of youth: What is the best escape-proof prison you could build. On mentioned a detention center underwater, another on a deserted island. The young people came up with a number of well thought out plans. Finally the leader of this meeting provided the ultimate answer. The best prison is the one you do not want to escape from! Then that began to make sense to me.

Sin keeps us locked up so to speak in a prison of our own making! The wants, desires, and passion that governs our lives holds us captive. Our enemy makes sin look so delightful, so desirous that who would ever think of breaking free from that which will some day consume us! Sin destroys from the inside out. Look at an drug addict . . . they would do whatever it takes to get enough money to get the drug of choice. But you know what after the drug has done it’s deadly work that person will soon after need another dose. People who were at one time successful lawyers, teachers, you name it, when they get hooked on drugs soon change to an unrecognizable addict. These people die in search of the next experience on their drug of choice!

Jesus came to save us from ourselves, we are many times our own worst enemy. But Jesus came to give us life and give it more abundantly. That peace, clear conscience, the hope of a life free from chains comes from Jesus. The enemy on the other hand has come to kill, to steal, and to destroy. His plan is effective, to get you and I to buy into a distraction that will keep us from finding out the truth!

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